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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ahhh--Easy Pounds to Start the Diet

The great thing about starting a new diet is that there is usually an early surge of success, our own personal version of "Shock and Awe". In my case, I dropped from 225 pounds to 220.5 pounds in one day--I should write an infomercial and try to make a million bucks.

The reality is that Sunday evening was a late night of working on photos and sipping Diet Cokes, plus it came on the tail end of a lot of Thanksgiving food. It made the 225 a little on the high side when I weighed early Monday morning. Follow that up with a day when I put very little in the way of solid food into my system and I did not stay up late pouring fluids into my system, and the 4.5 pound loss seems a little less dramatic. I actually believe that I'll get back to 215 pounds fairly quick because that was my last major set point. From there it may take a little time to move lower, but I've never really added steady exercise to my weight loss efforts and I plan on getting that started before too long.

You'll recognize the photo above as coming from one of those "pay to weigh" scales that were often found at drug stores and the like back when I was a kid. You don't see scales like this very often in public places, probably a combination of everyone having accurate scales at home and most people not wanting to know their actual weight. I found the height and weight table very interesting--that's what we once thought of as normal and for over 15 years I did measure up to the 5'10" and mid-160's. Unfortunately, I only fit half of that description at the moment, since I'm a whopping 50-plus pounds over what I weighed from the age of 20 till my late 30's.

Weight today: 220.5 pounds
Food today: Animal crackers (250)--yogurt (100)--Wendy's Jr. CB and small Frosty (680)--crackers(190)--ravioli(250)--pineapple(310)--yogurt(100) = 1,880 calories

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