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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Better Days

This is a photo taken when I still had some success to show from my last diet. It was taken on November 11, 2006 and my blog entry shows that I weighed in at about 197 that day. That wasn't too bad, gaining only 7 pounds during the two months of photographing the fall sports at Millsaps. It was a time marked by late nights and hundreds of hours editing photos at the computer. It led to eating for an energy burst, a welcomed diversion, procrastination from going back to the computer and a host of other excuses. In a post on the Monday after this photo was taken, I wrote that I was disgusted with this back sliding and determined to get back on track. I guess I wasn't discussed or determined enough. I would love to get on the scale tomorrow and see a legitimate 197 flashing back at me.

Today's Game Plan: It's Wednesday so I'll be getting together with the guys tonight for a couple of drinks. That's not a problem if I plan. First, I need to get through the morning on a yogurt and oatmeal for about 360 calories. Second, I can have chili at lunch for another 400 calories and a yogurt in the afternoon. That gets me to the evening under 1,000 calories. I can then have 2 light beers (or even 3) at about 100 calories each--the key is to not eat any of the nuts that they bring to the table. Then for supper I can heat up a lasagna and have a yogurt for about 500 calories. It's a plan that won't leave me hungry, will allow me to enjoy a social activitiy, and will still leave me under the 2,000 calorie mark.

Weight Today: 219.5 pounds. What a disappointment to only lose 1 pound yesterday instead of 4.5 pounds. At this new rate it will take me till Christmas to get down to 190 pounds. Unfortunately, that's the way some people think, getting disappointed and quitting if they can't wipe out 10 years of bad habits with 10-30 days of dieting. It doesn't work that way, but a person often can lose weight at the rate of one month of dieting for one year of feasting--that's a fairly light penalty to pay to get back to a healthy weight.
Food Today: crackers(200)--oatmeal(160)--Wendy's (680)--yogurt(100)--3 light beers(300)--chili(450) = 1,890 calories (I didn't exactly follow my game plan but I didn't eat 3 or 4 of the brownies that someone brought to work and left in the break room and I didn't graze on the bowl of nuts at the bar. Those two things alone would have put me over 3,000 calories for the day.)

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