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Friday, November 30, 2007

This Blog is a "No Sitemeter" Zone

Sometimes it is better to know too little than to know too much. When I started my first blog almost two years ago I was confident that there would be a steady growth in readers as people attempting to lose weight would find my blog and then keep coming back for tips, encourgement, insight, and various other types of support. That blog did not have any type of counter when I first started, but eventually I wanted to know just how many secret readers I had on the site. I added a counter from SiteMeter and discovered I had a well kept secret instead of a lot of secret readers (the above image is the actual counter page from the Slice of Life blog).

After that experience, I've decided not to add a counter to this blog. I would rather keep alive the possibility that people trying to lose weight are adding me to their favorites list than know any exact numbers. Experience tells me that not many people will ever read what I'm writing and that is no longer a disappointing thing. It is actually a very liberating thing as I can now write just for me without worrying about boring people with repetition or being embarrassed to list a meal from Wendy's for 10 straight days.

While knowing that I'm writing basically for myself, I'll still write as if I have an audience, like I'm trying to express myself to someone else. It's an easier way to write and anything that will make writing easier is exactly what I need. Plus, I know there will be a small audience of family and friends who will keep up with how the weight loss efforts are going. I'm fairly confident that this effort will get me back down to 190 pounds at the very least without much backsliding along the way. There will be a lot of opportunities to backslide with Christmas and New Year's coming up, but just because free food is available, it doesn't mean that a person has to eat. I fully expect to lose 8-10 pounds in December even with all the Christmas goodies.

Weight today: 218 pounds. Let's see--I started at 225 Monday morning and now I've lost 7 pounds. Fortunately, it's not that easy. If 4 days of low food actually produced a 7 pound weight loss then I'm afraid our ancestors would have starved to death during times when food was scarce. I'll be a little surprised if this rapid drop continues all the way to 215 pounds and I will be very surprised if I actually go under 215 pounds anytime in the next 10 days. That is a solid set point because I stayed at that weight for months and I don't think my body will give up that mark very easily, but it will give it up when I stay persistent.
Exercise today: None.
Food today: yogurt(100)--crackers(190)--animal crackers(250)--Wendy's(680)--yogurt(100)--crackers(190)--chili(450) = 1,960 calories

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