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Friday, December 14, 2007

Day 19--221 Pounds--4 Pounds Lost

The other day I was carrying in some diet sodas at the apartment. Just carrying 2 of the 12-packs up the stairs makes a noticeable difference in the effort needed to climb one flight of stairs. That's just 16 additional pounds that make a big difference, so wouldn't losing 16 pounds make a big difference in the opposite direction?

It's a shame that some health organization doesn't have a campaign where people can borrow a 25 pound weighted vest and wear it for a day. Someone is my situation, which is somewhere around 14 pounds over the line that separates overweight and obese, could get an idea of just what those extra pounds that seperate obese from "not too bad" actually feel like. While 200 pounds isn't where I would like to stop, just getting from my initial 225 pounds to 200 would be like shedding a 25 pound vest and that would lift a tremendous daily burden.

For those with much more to lose, I can see where they might think that losing 25 pounds isn't worthwhile if it leaves them with 100 more that they need to lose. But 25 pounds is 25 pounds, and even if you have 100 or more pounds that you need to lose, dropping 25 pounds is the equivalent of not having to carry around three 12-packs of drinks with you every step of your day. It would be a huge burden taken off a person's system and they would feel the difference.

I need to get these first 25 pounds off and I'm just piddling around. It's good to be losing weight at a time when most are gaining, but I could do more. I need to do more. I will make an effort to do more on both the cutting down the calories and the increasing of exercise.

Weight today: 221 pounds
Exercise today:
Food today: crackers(190)--oatmeal(160)--snickers(230)--McDonalds(700)--cookies(200)--popcorn(250)--lasagna(400)--popcorn(250) = 2,380 calories

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