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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Day 20--220 Pounds--5 Pounds Lost

It's the weekend and you would think that I'd have plenty of time to write a post on obesity, or tips about losing weight, or tales of the difficulties and triumphs of my current diet. Unfortunately, my weekends for the last few months have been tied up with working on photos. It's part of the reason I have so much trouble with my weight, going from a job where I spend so much time behind a computer to a pastime that also involves a tremendous amount of time sitting in front of a computer.

Let me just make a general comment about this blog and my diet. Since I don't have a hit counter on this blog, I have no idea if anyone is reading. Based on past experience, I doubt that many or any are reading so there isn't much motivation for me to write down my thoughts if I'm only sharing them with myself. If anyone does happen on this blog, they may read a few posts and conclude that I'm not on a diet at all. I can understand that thinking, but those people are wrong.

A diet is what you eat, whether that's 1,000 calories or 5,000 calories a day. I know that most people think of the other definition of a diet, namely an intentional cut back on food intake in order to lose weight. The only diet that is really going to work in the long term is when you simply become aware and accountable for the food you eat in your daily diet. That's what I'm doing. When you look at diet as a temporary change in eating habits in order to lose weight, the odds are that the weight loss will be temporary just like your change in eating habits.

Right now I'm cutting back on my calories in an effort to burn off some of the stored energy in my body. When I get down to the weight I desire, I still have to watch my diet, being aware and accountable for the food I eat each day. As I proved in late 2006 and most of 2007, as soon as you drop the accountability then the old habits will come back along with the old weight range. I don't expect anyone to look at my food list and think they should be eating like I do. In fact, I recommend that you don't eat like I do since it is too much junk with the emphasis being on convenience and not healthy eating.

You won't take any great eating tips away from this blog. The only thing I can tell you is to be accountable for what you eat. Once you do that, you will either lose weight or you won't trap yourself with the mind set that "it's impossible to lose weight". Losing weight is actually easy for anyone who takes the approach of staying within their food budget just as almost all of us find the strength to stay within our financial budget for our lifetime.

Weight today: 220 pounds
Exercise today: walked to the store--about a mile round trip
Food today: yogurt(100)--Milky Way(260)--2 frozen dinner things(610)--chocolate(300)--popcorn(250)--lasagna(400)--popcorn(250) = 2,170 plus maybe a little extra that I forgot to list.

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