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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Day 24--218.5 Pounds---6.5 Pounds Lost

I know it must seem like I'm cheating by even calling this a diet. Yesterday the consumption of junk food as my primary meal got so bad that I stopped trying to guess and list the calories. How does a day like that lead to a half pound weight loss?

Well, for one thing, I haven't gone totally insane with the Christmas eating. Outside of the Christmas junk, the rest of my eating was yogurt, fruit, and a couple of bags of low-fat popcorn. It's not like I'm eating regular meals and stuffing the cracks all day with cookies and rum cake. I can tell you that I don't feel guilty about the way I'm eating right now. It's Christmas and great food abounds. Why not enjoy the food of the season as long as you don't go plum pudding crazy and gain an extra 10 pounds?

Today starts a difficult stretch for me and if I come out on the other side at 218.5 pounds it will be a small, dietary Christmas miracle. Today we have the office birthday party for the December birthdays (that includes me) and I will eat with some restraint, but I will eat. This evening is the guys meeting for drinks and at least I can vow to refrain from the table snacks in that setting. Saturday there is a big party at a friends house, a minefield of calories. I will take photos at the party and maybe I can use that activity to stay away from mindless eating. Then on Sunday or Monday I'll be making brownies for Christmas and a cook does have to test taste their wares. And of course, there is Christmas Eve with the family and that is a time for food and merriment.

There's no reason that I can't both enjoy these next few days and also show restraint to nibble and sample instead of gulp and gorge. I know I can do enough to keep my weight where it is today, and then I can get back on track as the temptations slack off with the start of a new year.

Weight today: 218.5 Pounds
Exercise: none expected
Food today: No list being kept. I expect a day of restraintful pigging out.

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