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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Day 30--222.5 Pounds--2.5 Pounds Lost

It's Christmas Day, the last day of giving in to the "12 Days of Christmas Food". There are several ways to look at the last month and my dieting efforts.

--First, it is obvious that this was the wrong time of the year to start a diet since it is almost impossible to stay on a diet between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think the opposite, namely that this is the most important time to be aware of all that you are eating because there is almost a limitless amount of temptations.

--Second, I got off to a good start and then failed miserably over the last two weeks. That's somewhat true except that I'm not going to be that harsh with myself. I did get off to a good start, the middle got a little shaky with too many days closer to 2,500 calories instead of 2,000 calories, and then the last 10 days or so have been pretty bad. I think this is primarily a reflection of Christmas being the most food oriented time of the year and not a failing of my will power. When the special food goes away, I'll be able to get back to those sub-2,000 days.

--Third, it wasn't the extra food that hurt the diet so much as it was the lack of exercise. On that, I plead 100% guilty. I have to force myself to take some time and get out and walk or jog 4 or 5 times a day. It's a habit I once loved and it's a habit I would love again if I would just force myself to start and stick with it. The exercise is something that has to fall into place this time or I will find it unlikely that they diet will have any long term success.

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