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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day 31--223.5 Pounds--1.5 Pounds Lost

This ugly period of gluttony is over. I'm sure this morning will start off with free goodies in the break room at work, leftovers from Christmas that people want to get out of their house and into the bellies of others. I'll have none of it and I know that I need to get back to stringing together sub-2,000 calorie days.

I think I mentioned on this blog that I was having lab work done last Friday for a physical this Friday. It's a long story, but I was wrong on the schedule for my physical. I have a three month reprieve with the lab work and physical actually being scheduled for the last week of March. That's three months that I can use to make a dramatic change in my life. Can I get to 190 pounds by then, shedding over 10 pounds per month in the first quarter of 2008? I think I can if I will add activity to dietary discipline. Activity is my secret weapon if I will just use it. That's a big IF and it will be the key to any permanant success I achieve in 2008.

Weight today: 223.5 Pounds
Exercise today:
Food today: yogurt(100)--yogurt(100)--crackers(190)--chili(460)--candy bar(230)--pineapple(320)--popcorn(250)--popcorn(250) = 1,900 calories

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