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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Day 34--218.5 Pounds--6.5 Pounds Lost

Last year one of my co-workers was telling me about an article she read about gaining weight at Christmas. The article said that you shouldn't worry too much about gaining a few extra pounds at Christmas because if you will just go back to your normal way of eating after Christmas, all of those extra pounds will come off in January. She was skeptical, not believing that the body is just as determined to lose weight to get back to a set point as it is to gain back weight that has suddenly been lost.

If anyone is reading this then it is probably someone who has been reading my other blog for a long time. Therefore, you should know all about the body and its set point, a weight that the body has been conditioned to believe is the proper weight to maintain. It is our actions that condition the body to change that set point either up or down.

If you go out and eat a lot of extra food during the holidays or on a vacation cruise, the body will gain weight in the short term but that doesn't move the set point. If you go back to your normal eating pattern, the body will burn off the excess weight and get back to your normal weight. But, if you continue to eat excessive food, the body at some point decides that this excessive amount of food is a signal that there is a need for more fat and it will bump up the set point.

Or, if you cut back on food is a quick 7-day diet, your body will lose weight in the short term and will then try the best it can to gain back those lost pounds so it can get back to the set point. If you cut back on the food for long enough, or if you become more active and start burning up more calories, the body will eventually decide that the set point needs to be lowered. It's the persistent effort needed to get the body to lower the set point that marks a truly successful diet. I had moved my set point down to about 219 pounds prior to my birthday/Christmas binge and apparently my body decided not to change the set point, thus my quick return to this level. Now I have to continue my persistent effort to bump the set point lower and lower.

Weight today: 218.5 pounds
Exercise today:
Food today: pineapple(320)--pizza(700)--popcorn(250)--pizza(700) = 1,970 calories

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