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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day 35--221 Pounds--4 Pounds Lost

This photo has nothing to do with losing weight but I saw on someone else's blog that you could load photos directly to Blogger, which is a great improvement over going to Photobucket and then creating a link. Click on the photo and you should get a full page version of the image.

Other than trying out this new feature, there really is nothing to report. My weight jumped back up today which doesn't mean a whole lot. Losing weight is not a process that follows a straight line so a gain of 2.5 pounds following a day when I really didn't eat very much is not such a big deal.

Today's Weight: 221 pounds

Today's exercise:
Today's food: Pineapple(320)--popcorn(250)--pizza(700)--chocolate(see below)--popcorn(250) = unknown.

(Millsaps had a basketball game this afternoon and one of the parents brought food from home for their son and they brought a gigantic slab of homemade chocolate candy for me in appreciation for all the photos I take. In theory, I could appreciate the thought and then give away the chocolate or even throw it away. In reality, I would never do that with such a thoughtful gift. So, I have one more item of fattening food that will be a part of my diet for a few days and I'll try to cut back in other areas as I indulge in this holiday gift.)

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