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Monday, December 31, 2007

Day 36--222 Pounds--3 Pounds Lost

It's looks like I'm not going to get off so easy for my 2 weeks of overeating. I know that exercise is the thing that I need to add to my routine and I'm finding it hard to get started. All I need to do is walk for 30 minutes about 5 times a week. It doesn't seem like much but it would be something I could fit in my schedule and it would get me back in the habit of doing some activity most days of the week. For there I could add in a little jogging and maybe move it up to 45 minutes and who knows, maybe I can work my way back into becoming an actual jogger again. That's the one thing that will turn the clock back 20 years on my health.

Weight today: 222 Pounds
Exercise today: walked 4 miles
Food today: yogurt(100)--

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