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Sunday, December 2, 2007

How I Gained Back 35 Pounds

Yesterday was a good example of how I gained back all of my lost weight over 12-15 months. I had photos from 5 Millsaps basketball games to work on and the gist of my entire day was sitting at the computer editing and posting photos. It took all day to just complete 2 games so I'm back at the computer this morning hoping to get a third game complete before going to photograph the Millsaps women in a game this afternoon.

I can't say that I worked non-stop yesterday because this is the kind of work where any distraction is welcomed. I often looked out the back window for birds at the feeder. Sometimes I sat by the window with my camera for 5-10 minutes, trying to get shots of some bird I might not have photographed in the past. I had the television on during parts of the day but that was just to glance at, not to sit and watch for minutes at a time. AND OF COURSE, when looking for a distraction to take a break from boring work, the thought of getting something to eat crossed my mind many times yesterday.

Is there a physical connection between being bored/procrastination and eating food? There certainly is a mental connection on several levels. First, getting food takes us away from something we aren't enjoying or it delays us from getting to something we don't want to do. Second, getting food can become a reward for having done something we aren't enjoying or as a bribe to do something that we would rather not do. And third, eating something is a pleasurable thing which puts it ahead of "boring" and "dreading" on the list of things to do. Given a choice, and we all are adults allowed to make most of the choices in our life, I tend to pick activities of pleasure over boring activities or doing things that I dread. Is it any wonder that the majority of Americans are overweight?

While yesterday was my first day over 2,000 calories since I started this blog, it may have been my most successful day. On days in the past when I have worked all Saturday or Sunday on photos, it hasn't been unusual for me to go to the grocery store at lunch to buy a frozen pizza and a carton of ice cream, and then to eat all of both items before bedtime. For those who don't count calories, that's a total of 4,000 calories just for those two items which means that I probably hit about 5,000 calories on those days. Is it any wonder that I gained back all of my lost weight and is there any doubt that I need to monitor my food intake for the rest of my life in order to keep my weight under control?

Weight today: 220 pounds
Exercise today: none expected except for clicking a mouse a thousand times, pushing a shutter button about 400 times, and ironing some clothes that desperately need to be ironed.
Food today: yogurt(100)--canned fruit(320)--lasagna(370)--yogurt(100)--pineapple(320)--pasta entree(270)--beans and rice(310) = 1,790 calories

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