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Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Long Day at the Computer

I've been sitting at my home PC all day working on photos and I just haven't taken the time to add today's post. That doesn't mean that I haven't been keeping my food list or that I've allowed myself to slip. On the contrary, I've been very aware of my food intake and it would have been massive today without this food journal. I wanted to get ice cream and a frozen pizza when I went to the store to get a newspaper (still unread as usually happens when I buy a newspaper), but I held off because I would have had to write down my failure in will power.

Weight today: 220.5 pounds
Exercise today: No exercise this weekend--what else in new
Food today: fruit(320)--2 PB&J sandwiches(700)--pasta(590)--popcorn(250)--graham crackers(140)--graham crackers(210) = 2,210 calories (a little extra after a poor start with the sandwiches)

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