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Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 13--217 Pounds--3 Pounds Lost

So far, so good on eating smaller meals and exercising more. My jogging schedule says I should do 4 miles tomorrow morning and the weather forecast says it will be around freezing in the morning. I'm reminded of the time about 20 years ago when my friend Boty was really into jogging. He lived out of state and I always had to remember to not use the excuse of skipping my runs because it was too cold, maybe around 35 degrees in Jackson, MS, because he was sticking to his running program in Albany, NY, despite wind chills in the teens or below.

If I'm going to stick with this return to jogging on a regular basis, I need to get out and run on my own tomorrow.

Weight today: 217 Pounds
Exercise today: none
Food today: yogurt(100)--animal cookies(250)--morning vitamins--soup(400)--yogurt(100)--popcorn(250)--lasagna(350)--yogurt(100) = 1,550 calories

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