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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day 14--219.5 Pounds--.5 Pounds Lost

This is probably the first time I've worked on a blog post while having to wipe sweat off of my forehead. Actually, in recent months it has been rare that I had to wipe sweat off of my forehead for any activity other than just standing out in the Mississippi heat.

It's 6:07 AM right now and I just got in from a 4 mile walk/jog. While my time was about the same as last Sunday, this was a more comfortable outing. The one good thing about being out of shape is that progress is easy to see and I know I'll see a huge improvement over the next couple of months if I'll just get out and go slowly for 4-6 miles three times a week.

This morning's weigh-in was disappointing and it helps explain why the diet industry is a huge multi-billion dollar cash cow for so many. Losing weight the natural way seems slow even though we can take off weight in about 5-10% of the time that it took us to gain that weight. Losing weight is not as simple as deleting files on a PC. It is a complicated process that we are asking our body to do after years of telling our body to do the exact opposite.

Every time you eat more than the calories you need in a day, you are telling your body that you want to get fatter. Fortunately for us, the body usually ignores those orders and it tries to burn off those extra calories and maintain the status quo. If we persist in overeating, the body will reluctantly add some body fat, but I'm convinced that the body is far more willing to lose weight than to add it on. I bet most people eat close to 1,000 calories more than actually need each day. Those extra 7,000 calories in a week should amount to a 2 pound weight gain for the week and that would mean a 100 pound weight gain for the year, but the body just boost the metabolism to take care of most of that excess. Thank goodness for that.

I'm doing the right things and everything will work out fine if I stay on my current path. I just hope this path gets to the edge of the plateau before too long.

Weight today: 219.5 pounds
Exercise today: 4 mile walk/jog
Food today: yogurt(100)--animal crackers(250)--Snickers with Almonds(230)--The Guppy (700--see below)--yogurt(100)--canned fruit(320)--rice and chicken(290)--yogurt(100) = 2, 090 calories

Gordon and I occasionally eat at a Deli for lunch. The catfish plate is good and they don't skimp on the food--a plate full of fries topped with 6 catfish fillets with a roll on the side. While the meal is just too much, there is something about the need to eat as much food on the plate as you can since you've already paid for it. One day we discovered that they have a childs plate that is about half of the adult's plate, which means it is the amount that most should really be eating. I always order the child's plate even though it is embarrassing for the guy to turn back to the kitchen and yell, "Give me a Guppy"--it's not a very manly sounding order.

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