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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Day 2--221 Pounds--1 Pound Gained

I actually expected to see 222 pounds on the scale this morning after the Wednesday night get together with the guys. Wednesday is the one night where I will cut myself some slack in regards to my calories, I just need to plan a little better going into Wednesday evening and I need to have a little more restraint than yesterday. I see nothing on the horizon that should keep me away from a nice string of sub-2,000 calorie days. The biggest test will be working on basketball photos Saturday and Sunday--those are days when I need to think more yogurt and less popcorn. The difference between 100 calories and 250 calories a snack does add up after a while.

Today's Weight: 221 pounds
Exercise today:
Food today: animal cookies(250)--yogurt(100)--Wendy's(680)--animal cookies(250)--fruit drink and 2 snack packs of cookies(600?)--pizza(750) = an excuse. I decided to give blood this afternoon, hence the fruit drink and cookies followed by the pizza. Maybe I could have gotten away with a small supper, but they say to eat a good meal so that's what I did.

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