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Monday, January 28, 2008

Day 27--216.5 Pounds--3.5 Pounds Lost

It was nice to see something lower than 217 today, even if it's just a half pound. I really shouldn't say "even if it's just a half pound" because that buys into the idea that cutting back on food and exercising a little should immediately reverse months and years of bad behavior. I've never gone hungry over the last 2 months, I've had times where I've eaten very well in a party situation, and yet I've lost 8.5 pounds (I had lost 5 pounds before starting the day count over on January 1st). At that rate I'll lose 50 pounds over the course of a year without any pain or real sacrifice. I will be erasing about 15 years of poor eating in one year, not a bad trade off.

While diet marketers like to make claims that you can lose 10-20 pounds in the first 3 weeks, health experts always say that you need to lose at the more healthy rate of 1-2 pounds a week. That sounds so pathetic--I think health experts should do the math for people and tell them that they should lose no more than 52-104 pounds in a year. Those are life changing numbers, and a person can reach them slowly but surely in a year. When it comes to weight loss, there is no such thing as "just a half pound"--a half pound is reason for celebration.

Food today--yogurt(100)--crackers(190)--chili(400)--animal crackers(250)--soup(360)--yogurt(100) = 1,400 calories (and never a moment when I felt hungry)

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