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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Day 4--221 Pounds--1 Pound Gained

Not much to write about today. I know I continue to eat more than I should and less than I would if I wasn't keeping this blog. It's about 6 in the morning and the Mississippi Blues Marathon starts at 7 about 3 blocks from my house. I still haven't decided if I want to spend the morning photographing the race and the activities surrounding the race, or if I just want to stay in the house working on the photos from last night's basketball games. I'm torn between two viewpoints: (1) If I don't take the photos, then it is an opportunity missed and I can't go back and get the shots later. AND (2) I'm already behind on so many things, why would I want to get further behind by taking shots of people I don't know or of the two people that I do know that are running the race? I have about 30 minutes to decide which path I will follow.

Weight today: 221 Pounds
Exercise today:
Food today: popcorn(250)--pizza(720)--popcorn(250)--yogurt(100)--Wendy's(680)--popcorn(250) = 2,250 calories

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