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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day 7--219.5 Pounds--.5 Pounds Lost

Wow, that deal about forcing yourself to throw up after every meal really works! I know, that's a bad joke about a serious ailment. While I can't say exactly why I was gaining weight without eating that much or why I lost so much weight in one day, the answer probably centers around the fluids that I put in my body each day. If anyone is reading this, they probably know that I drink about a 12-pack of diet sodas each day, not exactly the best of habits to be in but at least the total calorie count from all of those snacks is about the same as one lifesaver or one stick of gum. There could be worse habits. The bottom line is that I put about 10 pounds of liquids into my body each day and that could be the reason for daily oddities in my weight.

In an additional note, I want to thank Brant and Rusty for their recent encouragement, Brant by way of a comment on my other blog and Rusty by way of an actual letter that came in the mail--so rare in this day of electronic communication. I appreciate any and all encouragement even though I know that eventually the responsibility all falls on me.

Weight today: 219.5 pounds
Exercise today:
Food today: yogurt(100)--yogurt(100)--ate out at lunch, a Chef salad and a couple of rolls, hard to say what the calorie count was--Snickers(230)--pizza(700) = 1,130 calories plus the lunch.

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