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Friday, February 29, 2008

Day 11--215 Pounds--5 Pounds Lost

My Windows XP has an assistant feature turned on that I don't know exactly how to turn off. When I start typing in the title field for a post, it will display previous entries that match the words I'm typing. So today when I typed "Day 11", displayed below my entry was the entry I had made on "Day 11" in mid-January. That entry showed that I weighed 216.5 pounds, not much different from what I entered today.

For whatever reason, that second diet, the one that lasted from January 1st till mid-February, never made any progress after that. I would hit 216.5 periodically and always bounce back up. The progress on this restart hasn't been much when compared to the low of the previous diet, but it is progress after a long stretch when the pounds would not drop. The goal of this third diet is to get to 207 pounds, the boundry between overweight and obesity for me. It would be nice to reach that goal by the end of March or mid-April at the latest. Then I'll start the counter again with the goal being a sub-200 pound weight. It sure seems easier to look at things in smaller steps than to have a final number as a goal that is many months away.

Food today: Lemon cream pie yogurt(100)--Sprite(150)--yogurt(100)--Sprite(150)--rice and beans(310)--lasagna(300) = 1,110 calories subtotal --popcorn(250)--popcorn & beer(350)--fruit(320)--another popcorn(250)--yogurt(100) = 2,380 calories + 320 for a can of pineapple that I had in the middle of the night.

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