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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 2--217 Pounds--3 Pounds Lost

This new diet is taking advantage of the work done by the previous diet. While it was slow going, I had lowered my set point from 220 to about 217 from January 1st till early February. Over the last week or so I had a bad spell that allowed my weight to sneak up temporarily to 220 and that's when I decided to start the day count over. What I've seen over the last couple of days is the result of my body wanting to get back to the set point and I've cut back enough to let that happen.

If you take the consequences out of the equation, I would rather eat 4,000-5,000 calories a day instead of 2,000 calories. I would also prefer that most of those calories come from the "junk food" category. I would like to start off the day with donuts or maybe a couple of sausage biscuits and jelly from a fast food place, something to the tune of 1,000 to 1,200 calories. I would follow that up with snacking throughout the morning, either with multiple trips to the vending machine or by grazing through the available choices of free food brought in by co-workers. After a nice lunch of something like pizza or a combo meal that included both fries and a frosty, I would snack through the afternoon, have some sort of supper, and then have some snacks while watching television or working on photos.

Obviously, there is a huge gap between how I should eat and how I would like to eat, which is why I have to stay constantly accountable. There is a pleasure seeking part of me that constantly wants all of this junk. It behaves like a small child, always asking "can I have this" throughout the day and needing to be told "no" over and over, day after day. When the accountable, adult portion of my mind takes a break, you can be sure that this childish pleasure seeking portion is going to get into trouble. This blog motivates me to keep a closer watch on the food loving part of my brain.

The blog helps, but I realized yesterday why my dieting isn't as effective as it once was. Two years ago there was a step that came between my eating and the blog. I had to actually write down the food I was going to eat on a list before I ate the food. That made me think before I ate. Now I've gotten to the point where I don't use the list, just the blog, and so my accountability comes after the fact. Today I start the list again with the simple rule that I have to write down the food item and calories BEFORE I eat the food. That will keep me under control and it will get me back to losing weight like I did in 2006. It also should put an end to days like yesterday where I start listing my food for the day and then I just quit in the middle of the day--a sure sign of bad behavior.

Food today: crackers(200)--yogurt(100)--soup(400)--yogurt(100)--Snickers(280)--2 Bud Lights(220)--Wendy's(680) = 1,980 calories. I can live with that total, especially on a Wednesday night.

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