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Friday, February 1, 2008

Day 31--219.5 Pounds--.5 Pounds Lost

Disappointing. I understand how the daily weight can flucuate, but it is still disappointing to have my weight go up 3 pounds in 2 days when I haven't been THAT bad. Believe me, I could have done much worse at the Wednesday party and during the day yesterday.

Anyone who is reading this is probably aware of my addiction to diet sodas. I tell people that I drink 12 diet sodas a day, something that usually brings a shocked reaction, so I stick with the number 12 even though there are days when it is probably higher. I know it is a bad habit and I've tried to switch over to water, but at least all the diet drinks combined only amount to the number of calories in one lifesaver or a stick of gum. I could have worse habits. Plus, just as people who quit smoking often turn to food as a substitute, I'm afraid that I would snack far more if I didn't have the diet drinks.

I bring that up because it means that I'm putting 10 pounds of fluid into my body every day. Most of that fluid doesn't stay very long, but it gives the potential for short term weight fluctuations that aren't really connected to calories. Just as I gained 3 pounds in two days, I might very well find my weight 3 or 4 pounds two days from now.

Food today: crackers along with a diet soda (190)--yogurt(100)--crackers(190)--Butterfinger(270, working through lunch)--popcorn(250)--pizza(720)--popcorn(250)--pineapple(320) = 2,290 calories

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