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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day 40--218 Pounds--2 Pounds Lost

For a normal eating day, yesterday wasn't too bad. It wasn't a day that would help anyone lose weight and I doubt that today will be a very good diet day. It almost seems like I'm wasting my time doing all this. That is not the case.

In the middle of 2006 I had gotten my weight down to 190 pounds and I felt great. I hit a plateau at that point and I'm not sure if I would have ever gotten much below that weight with more exercise. It's worth noting that I did get to that point with just dieting alone, with my only exercise being a bit of doubles tennis that was more social than athletic. I was undoubtably more dedicated on that diet, but I also was rewarded more for my efforts. I've had some good stretches on this current diet that seem to bring no results. It does get frustrating at times, frustrating enough to make it more likely that I'll break the diet. Counter productive behavior to be sure, and also human nature.

As I said, I'm not wasting my time. If I had kept my original blog focused on my weight and diet since back in mid-2006, I would still be 190 pounds today. Who knows, maybe I would have realized that jogging was the key to getting lower and maybe I would be 180 pounds today and feeling great. There's a lot to be said for maintaining the success you have already achieved and I wish I had maintained that pervious success. I was 225 pounds after Thanksgiving, 2007 and I got that to 220 pounds by the end of 2007. That was a huge achievement considering the tempations of that time of year. Now I've maintained that weight loss while getting just a little more off. That's no small feat. It's less than I would like and far more than I would have achieved without the blog. It tells me that I can't affort to quit the blog. If I'm having difficulty now, how bad would it be if I let accountability go completely out of my life?

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