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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day 46--219.5 Pounds--.5 Pounds Lost

I appear to be out of diet mode and into a period of "just don't get fatter until your motivation returns". I say, I think, and I even know that I want to lose weight. What overweight person doesn't know that they would be better off if they could get rid of some of the excess? I'm just having trouble right now choosing a path that will reward me greatly years down the road, over a path that rewards me right away, a short term reward that only last minutes, but a reward that is "in the now".

I can lose weight without having to exercise and without going hungry. I proved that 2 years ago. It would be better to exercise if I could find the time, something that might happen in the summer months. In the meantime, I could easily be under 200 pounds by the start of June if I'll just do the things that I did at this same time of the year in 2006. I seem to think that I deserve a reward for all the time I spend on my special projects. Maybe I do deserve a reward, but what kind of reward is something that hurts you in the long run?

I know the right things to do:
1) Hold the meals and snacks down to about 400 calories maximum.
2) Eat the yogurt. Even if the study about calcium and weight loss is wrong, yogurt seems to be the most filling 100 calorie snack on the market.
3) Don't eat as a reward or because you feel sorry for yourself.
4) Don't eat just because it is a certain time of the day. Eat because you feel the need for food.
5) Document my food intake to make sure that I follow the 4 previous rules.

Those are 5 simple rules. All I have to do is follow those 5 simple rules and I'll lose weight. Why do I and so many other people have so much trouble with a process that is completely under our control? No one can force me to eat, so my problems with overeating are completely my responsibility. I need to start being responsible.

Food list up until I go to eat supper at a friend's house: yogurt(100)--

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