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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 0--219 Pounds--A True Beginning

I've been doing piecemeal dieting since Thanksgiving. That has resulted in 6 pounds lost with the number getting as high as 10 pounds at times. I've been somewhat following guidelines during that time period instead of rules, which means I've been somewhat accountable instead of totally accountable. Starting today, I have a list of rules to follow. I need to be perfect in following rule 1, and then I need to be as close to perfect in following the rest. Here's the list:

1) Write down ALL calorie items BEFORE you eat them.
2) Hold daily caloric intake to less than 2,000.
3) At the office, only eat the food I brought to the building.
4) Eat 3 yogurts/calcium products each day.
5) I can have 2 diet sodas a day, none at home.
6) Don't skip days on taking my vitamins.

Some may look at the list and think it is too short. There's nothing about eating more fruits and vegetables. There's nothing about exercise. There's nothing about not eating after a certain time at night. Plus, I've made a rule that actually lets me go back to drinking diet sodas. All of these are good rules and I hope to incorporate them in my daily living, but they make the list too cumbersome and difficult to follow.

The reality is that the list is too long. If I had stopped at number 1, and if I will faithfully follow number 1, then the list would work in regards to losing weight. The rest is just a small bit of fine tuning. Rule 2 gives me a reasonable goal to shoot for each day. Rule 3 takes away one of the greatest temptations I have when dieting, the goodies that co-workers bring to the office. Rule 4 is because I believe there might be something to the calcium/losing fat connection, and because yogurt is the most filling 100 calories that I can eat. Rule 5 is to keep me from going back to massive diet soda consumption, and to give me an option when I want something at work but I don't need the extra calories. And finally, rule 6 is just to remind me each day to take my vitamins, something that I occasionally forget.

Food today: yogurt(100)--diet Pepsi--morning vitamins--crackers(200)--Whopper Jr(410)--Tootsie Roll(50)--afternoon vitamins--diet Pepsi--yogurt(100)--pineapple(320)--lasagna(350)--light beer(100)--yogurt(100)--popcorn(250) = 1,980 calories.

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