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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Day 13--217.5 Pounds--2.5 Pounds Lost

Today's weight is partially a fluke and partially a warning. Starting Friday afternoon, I have basically sat in front of my computer working on photos, listening to Millsaps baseball on the radio, and listening to and watching video of separate broadcast of the Millsaps basketball team at the conference tournament. I have been inactive except for more walks than needed to the kitchen, hardly an aerobic activity since the computer and kitchen are only four steps apart.

Yesterday I conveniently "forgot" to keep up with my food intake. That's blog code for deciding not to be responsible for my actions. I guarantee that I don't forget on any days that total less than 2,000 calories. So far, these forgotten days are a case of eating the same basic things with a little more quantity than normal. I doubt that I ever hit 3,000 calories, a number that is really very easy to reach. There have been cravings to buy a half gallon of cookie dough ice cream and just eat it one evening. If memory serves me right, that's about 3,200 calories right there. I would love to go up to the store right now and get one of those tins of cinnamon rolls and have that for breakfast. That's somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,500 calories if you eat all six, something I would do with joy. And for sitting at the computer, I would really love a pack of Oreo cookies or a big bag of those Reisen chocolates, things that wouldn't last till sundown if I bought them with the cinnamon rolls.

The gap between how I want to eat and how I am eating is huge. The gap between how I am eating and how I was eating when I steadily lost weight is less, but in ways it is just as huge. It's those extra 500 calories that I slip in each day that are making the process so slow. That, plus the lack of activity. I hope to change that with daylight savings kicking in soon and the new move for work. I have thoughts about going jogging directly after work and the new location offers plenty of opportunities, either from the building or from running trails that are nearby. When I was motivated by the joy of running and being in great shape, jogging in the morning was ideal. Now that I am so far removed from the habit, I think that jogging some in the afternoon is the only way I'll get back on the fitness trail.

Food today (I will not forget anything today): yogurt(100)--

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