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Monday, March 3, 2008

Day 14--219 Pounds--1 Pound Lost

My Sunday went like this: wake up, take shower, sit at computer, go to bed. There were a few other things in the mix like going to the store to buy a newspaper, but it was a day of sitting. I didn't bother to keep my list which would have included two frozen pizzas at about 750 calories each, one yogurt, one thing of fruit, one light beer, and I think two bags of popcorn. Ideally, I would have had half a pizza for lunch and the other half for supper. That's what I would have done two years ago when I was successfully losing weight.

For the weekend I had 4 pounds gained without the reward of going totally wild on the eating. I didn't go back to chain drinking diet sodas. I didn't get that tub of ice cream or the cinnamon rolls that I would have loved. I didn't even go to a fast food place, much less go to a fast food place and splurge by ordering a combo meal. It is frustrating to see such a loss of progress when I didn't really do so bad. I do expect this weight to come off over the next 4 or 5 days, hopefully all the way back to 215 pounds. It is easy to see why some people start a diet and just give up even if they show some patience. I just can't afford to give up at this point in my life.

Food today: yogurt(100)--

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  1. Frank,
    Don't give up! we are all pulling for you. Keep trying! Keep trying!! Keep trying!!!. How hard would it be to add 5 push ups each hour during your day alternate with 10 lunge steps on each leg 5 times a day. 5 push ups will take less than 15 seconds and 10 lunges will take less than a minute. There is not need to do 30 consecutive minutes worth of weight lifting. you can do 1 minute each throughout the day and it doesn't have to total 30 minutes to be effective for muscle building. Unlike aerobics which does require 20 minutes of continuous activity. even that is now challenged that it can be done in 10 minute increments. You have to build muscle to burn more fat. On quote that I heard that rings true in so many things " It is simple but it is not easy." Many times we think how can something so simple be effective and we dismiss it without research or trying it out to see if it works. Go ahead give it a try for 3 weeks. I think you may be surprised. Rusty