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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Day 17--216 Pounds--4 Pounds Lost

The drop of a half pound is not a reflection of how yesterday's eating went. It was a day of junk food from start to finish. That was a result of poor planning on my part, a ton of birthday party food at work, and the disorganization of things with the impending move--plus a total lack of willpower. I even broke down and had some diet sodas yesterday because there really isn't anything else to drink at the office. The folks who provided our bottled water took the machine out earlier this week and the Jackson drinking water isn't a great option. Our company should have sent someone to the grocery store to buy about 8 cases of drinking water to get us through the week, but no one thought about that option.

I've got my ice chest on the counter this morning and I'll be putting 4-6 bottles of water in it before I leave for work. I will also add a yogurt or two and a couple of other snacks. My plan yesterday was to go by the grocery store and get the fixings for sandwiches to take to work. That plan got sidetracked by other productive things. My first plan for the new building will be to fix lunch each day. That might not work since it involves planning ahead, but I think I'd rather do that than venture out to a fast food place every day. The option of going home to eat will be off the table.

If you read my other blog today, you know that I'm looking to make some changes in my life. I feel like I'm accepting far less than the best in my life and one of the areas where I really fall short is health and fitness. It is ridiculous that I've let myself digress into such a sad state, so very far from my potential. I don't want to do anything radical like get into body building and enter a competition, or run 50 miles a week and start running marathons. I just want to get back to the healthy and fit person that I was for so many years. Am I just blowing smoke or is this serious? I think it is serious, but actions speak louder than words.

Food today: yogurt(100)--

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  1. Frank,
    A little delayed but Great discipline on not getting the ice cream, cinnamin rolls or diet sodas, That stuff will Kill you!! Good thought to plan to take your lunch and snacks to work. You will find it easier when there are less alternatives and you can pack healthy snacks.