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Friday, March 7, 2008

Day 18--216.5 Pounds--3.5 Pounds Lost

If people only ate because of hunger, then their would be no obesity problem. I ate here and there all day yesterday, and rarely did I eat because of hunger. Some of the birthday cake at the office was still available, and I have cake so seldom that it seemed a shame to pass up a chance at free cake. Things were hectic at the office, and sometimes you just need a short break to let things settle, a break that works better if food is involved. And then you throw in our food shortage situation at work with the vending machines gone, the refrigerator cleaned out, and all office materials basically packed away, and one gets the feeling that they had better eat what they can and when they can.

That's not to say that I couldn't diet during all of this mess. Let someone offer me $100 to stay below 1,500 calories today and that would be easy money. Offer me $1,000 if I can stay below 1,500 calories every day for a week and I could go ahead and start shopping for a new camera lens because I would get your money. I know, I know--the reward I'm shooting for is extra years of life, something much more valuable than monetary offerings. However, that reward is so very far in the future and today is so much in the present. The gap in time tends to throw the effort/reward formula way out of perspective.

All in all, I know I could do much better and my hope is to hang on for the next couple of months without letting things get worse. Ideally, I'll still find ways to lose some weight along the way. That's a very possible thing to do and I shouldn't dismiss that as a goal. I doubt that today will be one of those days where I move closer to that goal, unless it is so hectic that there is no time to eat. We have the move, the basketball game, and now they are saying 1-3 inches of snow in Jackson. It seems like the forecast last night showed Jackson as slightly below the probable snow line. I hope the weather people were right yesterday and are just being over cautious this morning. Fasten you seat belts, today could be a very bumpy ride.

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