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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Day 19--Weight Unknown

Here's how the last 26 hours have gone since my previous weigh-in:

--Got to work around 6:30 yesterday.
--Worked almost non-stop all day on packing, moving, labeling, etc. Had some crackers and such to eat and actually had a real meal around 2:30.
--Worked till 5:00 and by that time my back was bothering me a lot and I was afraid it would be a wreck for the evening ballgame.
--Got to the first ballgame for the opening tip at 6, shot photos of the second game which Millsaps won.
--Went home, worked on photos till 1 o'clock, then had to run a software filtering procedure that takes about two hours, so I slept till 3.
--Got up and worked on photos till 6:30.
--Took a one hour nap.
--Typed this up before heading out the door to our old building, then our new building, then hopefully home to finish photos in time to put them on the Millsaps display computer at the gym, then take photos at tonight's ball game.
--I didn't think that a weight this morning would be reflective of anything, plus I took my one hour nap fully clothed and I didn't want to strip down to weigh. The whole weekend is going to be very non-typical.

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