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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day 2--216 Pounds--3 Pounds Lost

I usually start my Thursday post off by explaining how my diet fell apart at the Wednesday night guy's get-together. I don't have that to write about this morning since I skipped last night, but it is a weekly event that I'll have to work into my diet plan. It might require some changes in my behavior in order to help keep the calories under control.

The modifying my behavior is a little bit more than just drinking and eating less at the bar. It is really more about me not feeling the responsibility for keeping the group together. The idea when we started this group was that we would all meet at 6 on Wednesday for a couple of drinks and an hour or so of good conversation with friends. It worked that way for a while and then the meeting time got blurred. Some people now come to the bar straight from work, getting there before 5:30. Some people work late, knowing that they'll still catch most of the group if they show up at 6:30. Also, with the novelty worn off, some folks don't do much better than showing up about twice a month.

With just 8 in the group, I find myself as the person who is trying to keep it all together. I get off work at 4 and I don't have a wife waiting for me at home, so I'm the one guy who can consistently come early and stay late. Also, I can be there just about every week. This showing up early and staying late usually leads to eating from the bowl of nuts at the table and 3 beers instead of 2. The extra beer usually makes me feel like I need to eat a bigger supper to "absorb the alcohol", so the entire evening becomes a diet disaster. My dieting would be much easier if I went back to the 6 o'clock meeting time.

I suspect that everyone with a weight problem has these things in their life where situations make it more difficult to keep the calories down. I need to look at the problem areas in my weekly routine and make changes that will make it easier to keep the calories down. Not leaving the office for lunch might be another area to look at--I can't go through the Wendy's drive-thru if I'm not in my car. I need to take a harder look at the situations surrounding all of my eating.

Food: yogurt(100)--crackers(200)--diet Pepsi--vitamins--yogurt(100)--chili(400)--Tootsie Roll(50)--vitamins--cracker(200)--diet Coke--pineapple(320)--lasagna(350)--lt beer(100)--yogurt(100) = 1,920 calories

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