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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 22--215 Pounds--5 Pounds Lost

I couldn't even guess what my calorie count was close to yesterday or for the last 4 or 5 days. Everything has run together to the point that I don't know without looking if this is Tuesday or Thursday. Oh how I wish it were Thursday.

I was finally able to get by the grocery store yesterday to buy some things for making sandwiches. With returning home for lunch no longer an option in my life, I guess I'll be fixing picnic baskets for work just about every day. You have to think of everything since out company did away with the vending machines and at the moment there isn't even a machine for bottled water. And while we get breaks in the morning and afternoon, there isn't a convenience store that I've seen within a mile radius of our building so there's no going out for a snack. Besides, even a nearby store would be a pain to drive to when compared to the old convenience of having a vending machine.

I guess I'd better go fix and pack my lunch. The day might come when I see the unavailability of food options at work as a big plus in losing and keeping off weight. For now, it is a big hassle to have to get up even earlier to gather up the food for the day.

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