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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day 24--217 Pounds--3 Pounds Lost

A late post this morning as I still try to figure out the timing of my new routine. I ended up coming to work early and getting some backups started instead of doing my normal post before I left the house.

It's amazing how we get zoned into routines so that we almost run on automatic pilot. Even at work I find that the tasks that I do in the morning seem out of sync just because everything is in a new location. Much of what I do on the backups and other early morning jobs is mundane so I've done these things without much thinking--go to server 1, do this task--go to server 2, do this task--it was almost like a delivery route. I knew the route from machine to machine and I knew what to do once I got to each machine. Now I've changed the route and I have to think instead of just go by second nature.

I think things are starting to fall into place and soon I will find some sort of rhythm. It will help if I take a weekend away from this place, even though that time will all be spent on photography. I'm starting to get antsy like a schoolkid waiting for summer to arrive so I'll have free time on my hands.

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