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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day 27--219 Pounds--1 Pound Lost

Today's weigh-in number is a result of working on photos late last night and eating while working on those photos. It is also the result of excessive eating that has been going on for the last several weeks. AND, I do believe it is the result of quitting the diet drinks.

In the past when I was working late, many of my trips to the kitchen were for a diet soda instead of a food item. That's just one calorie instead of many calories per trip. It's something that I can keep under control if I'm keeping my food journal, but it gets a little out of control when I stop being accountable. That's why I'm going to definitely get back on the food journal on Monday.

I hope that by the end of this upcoming week I'll be able to distribute the basketball DVDs at Millsaps. This has been a tough overlapping period with basketball and the spring sports at Millsaps, plus the move at work. I could have successfully dieted during this time frame, but I think that deep down I felt like allowing a little excessive food was the only thing I had left as a fun thing in my life. I wish I could see food as strictly a fuel for the body and I could regulate it like turning a thermostat higher or lower, but for most of us food is a more complicated element in our daily living. I'm not proud of all my supposed efforts resulting in not much weight loss, but it could be worse. I think the next few weeks will see it get better.

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