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Monday, March 17, 2008

Day 28--219.5 Pounds--.5 Pounds Lost

I admittedly let things slide over the weekend, thinking that it was the last few days of freedom before I clamped down on the food intake. Clamped down might be too harsh a term since I just want to go back to the way I was eating when my dieting was successful. That was a time when I was never hungry and I didn't really suffer in any way by cutting way back on my food intake. I was able to cap off my day at about 1,500-1,600 calories, a rarity for me over the last year.

I will come up with a set of rules to follow on food and on time usage. I tend to do better when I'm in a routine with short term goals to meet, seeing my life one day at a time instead of hopelessly behind in everything. The number one rule will have to be: "Do your absolute best to meet the following rules on the list." I've had tons of good plans for my life over the last two years, plans that haven't really worked because I haven't followed the rules. I'll try to come up with my list of rules today and then I'll post them here and all over my daily locations--home, work, and the car.

Food today: yogurt(100)--small tootsie roll(50)--crackers(200)--soup(360)--Tootsie Roll(50)--yogurt(100)--Tootsie Roll(50)--3 small pickles(90)--lasagna(350)--popcorn(250) = 1,600 calories

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