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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day 30--216.5 Pounds--3.5 Pounds Lost

The stock market went up and my weight went down--Tuesday was a good day. It was also a good day because I took a break from the photos, going up to Millsaps to watch some softball and baseball, all winning efforts by Millsaps. It was a nice break and I may not work on photos until Friday, resting up a little before making a big effort over the 3-day weekend for Easter.

I still find the 1,500-1,600 calorie barrior as really limiting. It doesn't allow for much of anything unless you really plan the routine. The yogurt is the best food/calories on my menu and I guess I need to go back to having oatmeal in the mornings. I could physically get through the entire morning with a yogurt and oatmeal, just 260 calories, but it is difficult to get through the morning mentally with so little. The problem I'm having now is that in the past I suplemented the yogurt and oatmeal with about 5 diet sodas. It made me feel like I was getting more even though the calorie total was basically unchanged. Drinking several bottles of water doesn't give the same feeling, but I plan on sticking with the water.

Food today--oatmeal(scratch the oatmeal, it blew up all over the microwave. What a mess)--crackers(200)--vitamins--4 Hersey's Kisses(100?)--yogurt(100)--Tootsie Rolls(100)--Wendy's(680)--dark chocolate(100) = subtotal of 1,280 calories--after this it sort of fell apart with it being the Wednesday night get together. While the calories were too much, it was a much needed night of fun.

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