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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 33--218.5 Pounds--1.5 Pounds Lost

While yesterday was somewhat of a relaxed day, I spent at least 12 hours at the computer working on photos. That didn't help the weight loss process even though I didn't go overboard with the eating. I decided to get everything about the 2008 Mal's St. Paddy's Parade photos done and it took quite a bit of time. The good news about all that time spent is the satisfaction of having completed a project, and the parade photos have become an annual project for me.

I think I mentioned on my other blog that I really didn't have a lot of enthusiasm about taking the photos this year and I wasn't initially impressed with my results. Now that I've gotten everything finished, I'm glad I kept my 5 year string of parade photos going and the photos did turn out pretty good. There are two ways to approach life: You can wait for some sort of compensation before you do anything or you can do something and see if it results in some sort of compensation. My photo work falls into the second category. At some point down the road, all of these photos I take may open some interesting doors, possibilities that would never come up if I didn't do all of this work in advance. Fortunately, I get pleasure from the creative process right now so this is not wasted energy if it doesn't lead to other possibilities.

Here are some links to the photos I posted yesterday:

YouTube video of the 2008 Parade

Hal and Mal's Photo Gallery: I seem to be the only person who takes up the Hal and Mal offer to have people post their photos to the website. Even in the "On Stage" section, all of the photos are mine except for the first 3. This summer when I have some time, I might see if I can take some more on stage photos--there might even be a way to make a little money by being their "house photographer".

My Photobucket Photos of the Parade: I need to remember this summer to go back and load the 2007 photos. Right now I'm in the process of loading the videos from past years in the "F_L_E/Videos" section.

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