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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 4--216.5 Pounds--2.5 Pounds Lost

What a day. Outside of one meal, my normal order at Wendy's for supper, there was nothing normal or healthy about Saturday's eating. I took photos at a baseball game Friday night and ate late, part of the reason for Saturday morning's increase, and I stayed up a little late working on those photos. That led to me getting up around 7:30 Saturday morning and then things went non-stop for about 12 hours.

I had to hurry and get a shower before going out to work to get a ladder. The ladder would be needed to photograph softball at Millsaps since the field is surrounded by a 7' fence. After picking up the ladder, it was off to Millsaps to photograph a tennis match that started around 8:30, then a tennis ceremony that started at noon, and a softball doubleheader that started at noon, and a baseball doubleheader that started at 1. I obviously didn't cover all of this, but I also didn't have a moment to rest and my food intake included crackers, mini-Milky Ways, and Sugar Babies that I had grabbed at the office, plus some cookies I picked up at the tennis ceremony. I'm sure I got tons of good photos out of the nearly 2,000 that I took, but it is a difficult day all around when I'm trying to capture so much.

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