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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day 5--216.5 Pounds--2.5 Pounds Lost

Today I just have a baseball game to photograph and I hope to get back to a more normal eating situation. There are times when I think that dieting and exercising should be things that I can do regardless of the photos at Millsaps. Days like yesterday make me see where the difficulties come into play. Not the impossibility, but the difficulty.

It was great that I went jogging Friday morning but I woke up Saturday morning with a slightly sore hip and back. After hours and hours of standing up and peering through a viewfinder all day yesterday, I will be a candidate for many, many Advils over the next few days. I'm reminded of the impression people have of professional golfers. Those who don't play golf, or who just get out and play a round a week while riding in a cart and drinking beer, are often guilty of underestimating the physical difficulty of being a professional golfer. Likewise, those who just take a photo here or there don't realize how taxing it can be both mentally and physically to try and photograph an entire game or several games. Being overweight and out of shape like I am at the moment, it would be very difficult for my body to deal with the stress and strains of the photography plus trying to get back into shape. That's why I really have to work hard to get into shape this summer and to lose most of this excess weight.

With the food, I guess I could pack an ice chest and go back to the car for snacks. It is not impossible, but it makes things more difficult. It falls into the category of things being more difficult when you get out of a normal routine. It is much easier to control what I eat when I have the normal routine of a typical work day. I guess I just need to focus on planning a little better when it comes to the weekends.

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