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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Am I Being an April Fool?

My trip to the doctor yesterday for a physical got me thinking about a bunch of things, and many of those things have a connection to this blog. Blogging has been a cornerstone of my dieting efforts over the last two years and I plan to continue to do this blog on my efforts to get and stay healthy. While not happy with the yo-yo results of the last 2 years, I should note that I weigh 220 pounds this morning which is 5 pounds less than when I started in February of 2006. I should at least give myself a grade in the C-range for stopping the slide towards greater obesity.

I'm going to try something starting today that could be a breakthrough or a breakdown. I'm going to stop counting calories and attempting to keep a list of the foods that I eat. In the place of this accountability, I'm counting on myself to just make good choices throughout the day. If I make right choices, I'll get the right results.

Right now at work I have a snack box with mini-Milky Ways and small packs of Sugar Babies as treats for throughout the day. I was allowing myself to eat these things under the old system as long as I kept my calorie count low, but these things are clearly poor food choices. I need to get rid of those snacks for some sort of fruit. I obviously need to cut out my dependence on Wendy's for a third of my meals. I obviously need to add vegetables to my diet. I obviously need to do something as exercise even if it only amounts to walking around the block once in the morning and once in the evening. Maybe I can get to work 15 minutes early and walk before going into the building. I just need to start looking at the big picture.

What about the rules that I posted a week ago? Those are pretty good rules and they apply in a lot of ways to making good choices. The rule about not eating things that other people bring isn't needed if I make the healthy choice to avoid fattening cookies, bowls of chocolate, boxes of donuts, etc. I know all about the right thing to do when it comes to food choices and the volume of food I should eat--all of this other stuff that I've been doing for the last two years has been things that force me to make the right choice. I shouldn't need those things. I should make the right choice because I owe that to myself. I owe myself the best possible life I can have and that comes from being fit and healthy, not from eating 4 big cookies at work along with a handful of chocolate candy. I need to see the big picture and choose accordingly.

At this one moment in time, I think this plan will work. Of course I'm sitting at my home computer with no junk food within reach. Will it work if someone brings donuts today or will it work when I'm up at Millsaps and I'm dead tired and thinking that I need a "pick-me-up"? That's the big question, but is the current method really working in those situations? Time will tell if this is a fool's dream of if I'm ready to move from this C-grade effort to the head of the class.

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