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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fluctuating Like the Stock Market

For a person who isn't exercising at all, I sure have some big weight swings. This morning I weighed in at 217.5, a significant drop from yesterday and the weekend numbers. There was a time when I could usually predict my morning weight within a half pound. Now I never know what to expect when I step on the scale to start the day.

Let me delicately say that I seemed to have an "upset stomach" much of the day yesterday. Since the human body is set up where movement helps create a movement, I think I tend to accumulate food in my digestive tract over the weekend when I mostly just sit and eat. When the work week starts I find myself walking back and forth all over our building and that helps move things along. I'm sorry for sharing that detail. However, this is a blog about weight loss and that partially explains why my weight goes up every weekend and then it comes down during the week days. I expect that pattern to change when I stop spending all weekend working on photos.

I didn't do a very good job on keeping up with the food yesterday. Normally that means that I overate and didn't want to keep up with the food. In this case, I just didn't keep up with what I ate on a fairly decent dieting day. While I could have made healthier choices, it was still a day that came in under 2,500 calories.

Weight today: 217.5 pounds
Food yesterday (as best I can remember): about 4 or 5 small granola bars, the typical Wendy's lunch, about 200 calories of candy that I didn't need, an apple, some pineapple, and 2 hot pockets.

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