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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Walking, Less Talking

Since my last post I've walked a mile at lunch yesterday, another mile going to the grocery store last night, and I just got in from walking a mile here at the office. It's a good start of what I need to do over the next 4 months.

I'm not a big fan of walking. I have always been a runner, a label I give to myself regardless of how slow the jogging has become in recent years. The problem is that my body can't recover from jogging like it use to when I was younger, lighter, and more fit. Also, jogging is a bigger time commitment. When you talk about getting ready to jog, jogging 3-4 miles, and then cooling off and taking a shower, you are talking about a minimum of 2 hours. Walking a mile is about 20 minutes and it can be done here and there throughout the day. With a little planning, like getting up earlier so I arrive at the building a 6:30 instead of 7:00, it isn't hard to find time for several short excursions each day.

There's another potential plus to taking little walking breaks throughout the day. It will make me more conscious about what I eat and what I shouldn't eat. I just got back from 20 minutes of walking and that burned about 150 calories. Do I really want to throw that all away plus more if someone brings in a big batch of cookies today? No one likes to do work and then have it undone right away, and snacking after walking would do just that. I believe I'll have an easier time of cutting out the junk once I start putting more of an effort into the exercise end of the equation.

For the record, I was 222.5 pounds this morning. I would like to get that number down to 210 pounds for the start of June. That will take a solid effort of sticking with the walking and staying away from the junk, something I think I can do for one month. After that, I'll come up with another goal for July 1st and I'll see if I can stick with my plan for another month. That's the vision. The reality is that I have made a good start today and now I have to keep up the good work until my next post. I'll still get together with the guys this evening and my big goal there will be stay out of the bowl of nuts that the waiter brings to the table.

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