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Monday, April 7, 2008

A New Week and the Return of Electricity

I've had my few days of excess after going away from writing down all that I eat. Plus, I've had my few days where just about everything was fast food items because I had no electricity at the duplex. With those things behind me since the power came on last night, I need to make a serious effort for this entire week. It won't be easy, but if it were easy we wouldn't have the majority of American overweight.

I was just thinking about all that I have to do this week and I remembered that I have a baseball game to do this afternoon. This is one of those that I absolutely need to make because it is the last junior varsity game of the season. There will be people playing and hitting in this game that I haven't photographed all year and I won't get them for the season if I don't take photographs today. I mention this because dieting is harder for me when I am swamped with work and I'm swamped already. I have some softball games from mid-March to finish and then the huge pile of photos from the last weekend of March and from this just complete weekend. Add to that the cheerleader DVDs that I should have finished a week ago and I've never been so far behind on my Millsaps project.

All this work makes taking time for exercise impractical. Shoot, it makes taking time for my real work impractical, but I still have to do that and the trip to Birmingham is still hanging over my head. Some people get so busy that they forget to eat. I tend to get so busy that I use the desire for food as a good reason to take a break. I've talked about substituting a walk around the block for a trip to the refrigerator when I feel the need for a break, but old habits are hard to break when they are so enjoyable. It looks to be a difficult few weeks ahead and I'll be happy if I can maintain my current 217.5 pounds until the start of May. And who knows, maybe I will start taking those walks around the block and I'll actually lose a little weight. For now, I'll just be happy if today is a good day.

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