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Monday, April 14, 2008

Not a Bad Weekend

Well, in the exercise column it was a bad weekend as I spent most of my time planted on my well padded rear end. I know I could have found the time to do something, I simply choose not to. The habit of exercise is going to be a hard habit to reacquire.

For all the time spent at the computer, my calorie control went well thanks to one change I've made. I've gone back to sucking down diet sodas. Maybe a stronger person could have cut back on food and the sodas at the same time while not having a lot of time for exercise. I'm not that person. The diet sodas hold me over from meal to meal, from snack to snack, filling in some of the points where I would get something to eat. Contrary to all the recent stories about diet sodas might be a cause in gaining weight, they seem to be a key factor for me to keep my weight under control. Let's just hope those rumors about them cause brain tumors aren't true.

Weight today: 221 pounds
Food yesterday in a random order: apple(150)--2 popcorns(500)--2 hot pockets(700)--2 other types of hot pockets(760) = 2,110 calories.

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