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Monday, April 28, 2008

Now We Will See

Saturday morning I step on the scale and it displayed "225.0", the weight that it read over 2 years ago when I started the first blog to help me lose weight. If there is a silver lining that I've gone over 2 years without gaining extra weight, then it is a very thin silver lining.

Sunday morning that weight was down to 223.5 and this morning it was down to 222 pounds. It's still the same basic neighborhood, just a street or two closer to the nice part of town. I didn't blog over the weekend because I was in a rhythm of burning and labeling DVDs to distribute at Millsaps. Unless something goes horribly wrong, I should deliver those DVDs for tennis, softball and baseball this morning and with that, I'll be 99% finished with the project for this year. There's always something that comes up about requests for photos so I always assume that there is an unknown 1% left to be done.

That gives me the full months of May, June, July and August to accomplish everything that needs to get done before the start of the next school year. It's long enough to make me think that I can relax just a little, and short enough that I will still be way behind in September if I take any time to relax. I still need to busy in getting things done, but at least I can add more variety and I can do more things for myself.

The biggest thing I need to do for myself is get this weight off and get more fit. I'm not sure if I've had a legitimate excuse for not making that happen over the last 8 months. I am sure that I don't have a legitimate excuse for not making that happen in the coming 4 months. I need to get 40 pounds off in 4 months. That's a big goal for a person who had a big need to get their life under control, and the first step starts with today.

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