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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday, 4-17-08

Yesterday was Wednesday which typically means going out with the guys, a late supper, and a weight increase on Thursday. Yesterday was a typical Wednesday. My weight was up to 219.5 pounds this morning. Today will be a difficult day for the diet as I'm going to work at the normal 7 o'clock, then I'll drive to Birmingham sometime around lunch, I'll make some backup tapes of a computer system over there, and hopefully I'll drive back this evening.

Since my work will be finished this evening, I really would hate to get a motel room and then drive back in the morning. It's 240 miles back to Jackson and I'm sure I'll be able to make the first 120 miles without any problem. It's the last 120 miles at the end of a long day that might be difficult and my solution to fatigue might be candy and sodas. I won't do anything stupid when it comes to driving when I'm really too tired to drive, but I would really like to start Friday off in Jackson instead of spending all of Friday morning on the road.

(Note: Depending on where I do spend the night or how late I get back home, I may skip tomorrow's post.)

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