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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today's a Good Day to Start

Over the last few weeks my focus on getting the photo project finished has been offset by my total lack of focus when it comes to diet. It's hard to really justify this failure to diet or to at least make an effort to diet, so I won't bother trying. In order to distribute the last of the DVD's next Monday, I'll have to really work hard over the next 4 days. It won't be the type of environment that has been productive for dieting, but I do believe I can overlap the two projects for these 4 or 5 days if I'll really concentrate.

I really look forward to the end of the photo project for this school year. If I'm smart, I won't let up in the busy nature of my life. I feel like I relaxed a little too much last summer, concentrating on recharging myself after a tough 8 months and not doing enough to catch up in the other areas of my life. I'm still behind in some places on things that I should have done last summer.

This year I can't slow down during May through August. I believe the thing that will recharge my life most isn't rest and relaxation. Instead, it will be the satisfaction of getting the rest of my life put back in order and the biggest thing that needs to be put back in order is my health. Keeping in mind that it is very easy to be fired up about a project before starting any real work, I think I'm prepared to really attack the health problem this summer. I want to be a totally changed person by the time the next school year starts and I think a healthier Frank will make life a lot easier during the taxing September to April part of the year.

I have about 130 days to work with before I football starts. It's a lot of time and not much time. Considering all that I want to accomplish, today feels like it needs to be the start of the push to turn back the clock. I'm going to work hard to make this one day a good day.

Weight this morning before going jogging: 224.5 pounds

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