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Friday, May 30, 2008

May 30, 2008 -- Weight Unknown

I woke up before the alarm, went downstairs to get a drink, saw the comments on my main blog, wrote a post and was interrupted by the alarm clock going off, and it all led to me being out of my routine this morning. Part of the normal routine that got skipped was the part about checking my weight right after I wake up.

One thing that I'm seeing lately is that losing weight is not as easy now as it was in 2006. Some of it is less commitment, but I also think that some of it is my body's resistance to changing the setpoint. It's like these germs that build up an immunity to drugs. Two years ago I could move my setpoint down without too much trouble and now it seems like nothing will move my setpoint. I think my body has acclimated to stopping the weight loss right away when food gets scarce and it sure seems like it is going to take a lot more work to lose weight now that it took in 2006. That one reason why I think a return to jogging is my only hope for getting the weight off and keeping it off.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

May 29, 2008 -- 223.5 Pounds

Let's see. Today's weight was a combination of gaining back fluid loss from Tuesday night's jog, eating too much at the lunch party at work, and eating a little late after Wednesday night with the guys. I'm about to head out the door to meet Boty for 4 miles of walking, jogging or a combination of both. That will help get me back on track after a Wednesday that certainly failed to get a passing grade in the effort to lose weight (it did get an "A" grade in terms of fun and friendship).

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28, 2008 -- 219.5 Pounds (I jogged last night)

In an odd turn of events, I'm not keeping up with my food because I think that is helping me eat less. If you came here from my main blog, then you know that I'm focusing on getting in shape and taking a more active approach to losing weight. That has me motivated at the moment to eat less, to the point where it might hurt my efforts to know how little I'm eating.

For example, Monday I worked at the computer most of the day at home. That's usually a formula for overeating. In this case, I had a can of tropical fruit(320 calories) and a can of pineapples(270) in the afternoon. It was getting near 7 PM and I wasn't really hungry but I figured I needed to eat something so I went to the store and got some breakfast style hot pockets (620) calories. It seemed to help me eat less by the fact that I wasn't consciously keeping up with calories eaten. Sometimes the calorie counting turns into keeping up with the number of calories I can still eat and stay below 2,000 for the day, and that leads to extra eating in the evening.

Tuesday was a full day of work and I think I had the following: yogurt(100)--cereal bar(190)--1 hot pocket(310)--crackers(190)--cereal bar(190)--a rice and pork packet(310) = 1,290 calories. I also took my vitamins, a necessity if I'm going to eat so little.

Today we have a party at lunch honoring an employee who has been at the company for 50 years! You don't see that length of service very often. It's the kind of day where keeping exact calories is difficult anyway, but I also think that my best hope in keeping the total down is by focusing on my desire to get in shape, which pushes me naturally towards eating less and eating better. I know the mentality is a little screwy, and the exact opposite of my theory about being accountable. I just have more motivation right now to get in shape than I do to lose weight. Of course one of the by-products of getting in shape is to lose weight and one of the best ways to get in shape is to lose weight, so I'm going for the same end result on a different route.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 27, 2008 -- 223 Pounds

Since my main blog was about dieting, I didn't have much reason to post over here today except to enter a weight. It sure seems like my setpoint is around 223 pounds at the moment because everything I get below that number I seem to bounce right back up. As I wrote on the "Slice of Frank" blog, I really need to get serious about taking the steps necessary to reduce that setpoint. I did it once and I can do it again.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

May 24, 2008 -- 221.5 Pounds

I got up early and went to wash clothes this morning. That led to breakfast from the offerings at one of the convenience stores near the Laundromat, never a low-calorie, healthy way to start the day. I have a wedding to go to tonight at 6. I'm not sure how that will play out as well. The plan at the moment is to occupy myself taking photos like I did last Saturday and that might keep the eating down to a reasonable level. All in all, I'm not expecting a great day and I'm not expecting a disaster which today has the potential to become. Sometimes a neutral day isn't so bad.

Friday, May 23, 2008

May 23, 2008 -- 221 Pounds

It's nice that I was right about the weekend weight coming off quickly. Other than putting me a week behind on getting to a healthy weight, it looks like the wedding weekend has become a "no harm, no foul" event when it comes to my diet.

There's another wedding this weekend to attend. That's all I'll be doing, attending the wedding, so the goal will be to show restraint for a short period at the reception. I can do that and since it is one of these weddings that will bring out a lot of Galloway Methodist folks that I know, I can spend my time taking lots of photographs instead of going through the food line. That will be a nice thing to do and give to the wedding families.

I do need to make this weekend a positive one when it comes to dieting. There have been too many weeks where the work week went fine and then it all unravelled over the weekend. It's somewhat like the tapestry that the wife of Ulysses worked on during the day and then she would unweave her work at night so she could put off the task of choosing another husband to be king. The weekends should be my best dieting days since there is no excuse for failing to exercise each day. I need to get the exercise into my weekly routine.

Food today (by the way, my food yesterday was 2,010 calories--I was working on wedding photos and it was late so I just didn't go back and post it all):

Thursday, May 22, 2008

May 22, 2008 -- 221.5 Pounds

Yesterday was great for a Wednesday, probably the first time in months that I could accurately and proudly post the calorie total for a Wednesday. That being said, it wasn't perfect. The problem wasn't the 3 beers and the pizza, an excess that I allow on nights when the guys get together. The problem came during the day when I probably had one extra cereal bar to get to my 1:00 quitting time. The problem continued when I had two hot pockets for lunch and then popcorn for an afternoon snack instead of breaking down the hot pockets into a small lunch and then an afternoon snack.

I have to keep reminding myself that I'm trying to lose weight. That means that my body has to dip into the reserves and burn some stored energy. Yesterday I could have had one less cereal bar in the morning and I could have done away with the popcorn in the afternoon. It doesn't sound like much, but that extra 390 calories is the part that the body should have been getting from my stored up calories, not from my diet. Losing weight does require a little sacrifice and I either need to cut out these extra 400-500 calories each day or I need to exercise each day. Ideally, I will do both.

Food today:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May 21, 2008 -- 221.5 Pounds

Like most people, I would rather be fat. I guess it would be more accurate to say that I would rather lead the lifestyle that is guaranteed to make me fat. Wouldn't most of us enjoy eating all that we want of whatever we want?

It seems like this is an important thing to acknowledge. When it comes to eating, our natural impulses are going to lead to weight gain so the only way to keep the excess weight off is by making a conscious effort to cut back on what we eat. Think about it before you respond with a "Duh" to that last statement. I'm keeping a blog and focusing just about every day on the need to cut back on my calories and I still have a lot of difficulty with weight loss. What do you think the chances for success are with the people who just going through life following their impulses when it comes to what and how much they eat?

Showing restraint and not following our desires is something we do every day in other areas of life. Few people want to get up 200 days a year and spend most of the day at work, but they do. Most people have a list of items a mile long that they would like to buy, but they don't buy those things because they keep their personal finances under control. Showing restraint is something we do all the time and usually with good success. Why can't we apply that same ability to show restraint when it comes to the area of eating.

In fairness, most of us show a fair amount of restraint. I can financially afford to eat and I would prefer to eat about 5,000 calories a day, maybe even more. I would like more candy, ice cream, super-sized combo meals, a big breakfast at Burger King, etc, in my daily diet. In reality, I already show a tremendous amount of restraint in my eating. Now I just need to push that restraint to a much higher level in order to lose weight and then I can ease back a little when I get to a weight that is healthy and is one that I want to maintain.

On paper it all sounds easy and physically it isn't really that hard to do. The hard part is the mental part, and I need to remember that restraint is the norm in life if I want to lead a healthy life. I am strong enough mentally to walk in a store and not buy everything that I would like to own, so I should be strong enough to pass on the foods that will keep me from losing weight.

Food today: yogurt(100)--cereal bar(140)--cereal bar(140)--cereal bar(140, I worked till 1 without lunch)--2 hot pockets(620)--popcorn(250)--3 light beers(300--no nuts at the bar, a small miracle)--pizza(720) = 2,410 calories, a great total for a Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 20, 2008 -- 222.5 Pounds

The 3 pound loss from Monday morning isn't really much of a surprise, certainly not as big a surprise as when I saw 225.5 on the scale yesterday. I hope I'm correct in thinking that the weight will be down to 220 pounds by the end of this work week.

Yesterday I held my food intake to 1,510 calories. With that big number on the scale yesterday, it wasn't real hard to have willpower but there was a wonderful Italian Creme cake that I had to stare down at work all day. For the rest of my life I will be surrounded by things that I want to eat, but that I should not eat if I want to keep my daily calories at a reasonable level. That's reality, just as for the rest of my life I will be surrounded by things that I would like to buy, but I won't buy those items if I want to keep my spending at a reasonable level. When I go out with the guys on Wednesday I will keep my drinking at a reasonable level. When it comes to surfing the internet at home in the evening, I will keep it at a reasonable level so I can get other things done. Most of us are very good at keeping things at a reasonable level except when it comes to food intake and our weight.

One thing that I need to change in my approach to dieting is that I shouldn't make such a big effort to avoid hunger. In my first successful diet I would say that I never went hungry and that wasn't exactly correct. I did get hungry when I was first dieting, and I used that sensation as a sign to eat a little bit of food. Lately it seems like I've been eating to avoid the feeling of hunger and that's the wrong approach. I should let that feeling come and then eat, not eat to keep the feeling from ever coming at all. It much like running--if you run to the point where you get tired and then you slow down a little, then you are getting a good training workout. If you run at such an easy pace that you never get tired, then you are getting a workout of sorts but you aren't exactly pushing yourself to your potential. With 50 pounds to lose, I need to push myself to my weight loss potential.

Food today: yogurt(100)--cereal bar(140)--canned fruit(320)--hot pockets(620)--yogurt(100)--cereal bars(140)--candy(140)--pineapple(270)--popcorn(250) = 2,080 calories (not as good as I should have done and no exercise thanks to working on photos and the blog Tuesday evening)

Monday, May 19, 2008

May 19, 2008 -- 225.5 Pounds

This morning is somewhat like the first day back from a cruise when the damage is at its worst. I have no doubt that my weight will drop throughout the week, but this weekend obviously wasn't a positive in any attempts to lose weight.

As you can imagine, it was a bad setting for dieting from start to finish. There was the extra snacking while driving to Baton Rouge, the unlimited breakfast bar at the hotel, the rehearsal supper on Friday, the groom's lunch on Saturday, the reception after the wedding, and bits and pieces in between. If this had all taken place in May of 2006, I might have really done well despite all of the temptations. That was then and this is now. Obviously I've fallen off the motivation level and zeal that I had when I first got on the internet and thought I would do so well that others on the internet would see my blog and follow my example. Now there is no example to follow, at least not a positive one. I hope to change that in the coming weeks.

Food today: yogurt(100)--yogurt(100)--hot pockets(620)--pineapple(270)--pineapple(270)--popcorn(250) = 1,510 calories.

Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16, 2008 -- 221 Pounds

I lost track of the food yesterday because a nice lady fed me supper and I had no idea on the calories. The supper was left over food from the Wednesday party and it was forced on me by the party host when I went by to drop off a CD with the photos I had taken on Wednesday. She didn't have to force too hard.

I'll be in Baton Rouge this weekend so I won't have weights or posts throughout the weekend. Maybe after this weekend I can finish strong in May and then really have a good June. I need to take a more active, aggressive approach to this weight loss, approaching it more like training for an athletic competition. The zen method of "changing my lifestyle" is fine for maintaining, but I don't think it will get the job done on losing the bulk of the weight.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008 -- 221.5 Pounds

I knew there would be a bump up after the party last night. With May now half over, I've really made very little progress. What I need to do is break out of this 219 to 224 range and get back to the 215 of a few months ago. That would be some sort of progress even though it would be far away from where I need to be and where I supposedly want to be.

With the wedding events coming up this weekend, I need a really good day today as a lead-in to several days that won't look anything like a person trying to diet.

Food: yogurt(100)--

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14, 2008 -- 219.5 Pounds

I will get back to the blog with a thought today, a thought about maybe I've been making a mistake by trying to avoid hunger in the dieting process. I can't write now because I'm trying to get to work a little early so I can get the first wave of jobs done before going to have some blood drawn. I've been taking the cholesterol reducing pills for 6 weeks now and this is a checkup to see the results.

Food today: breakfast casserole(300)--tootsie roll(50)--tootsie roll(50)--chili(400)--sugar babies(65)--sugar bablies(65)--yogurt(100) = 1,030 subtotal.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 13, 2008 -- 219 Pounds

I'm not sure if I have a thought today. Maybe I'll add one later but for now I have to get packed up and off to work.

Food: oatmeal(160)--yogurt and chips(160)--Wendy's(680)--Tootsie Rolls(100) = 1,100 subtotal.

Monday, May 12, 2008

May 12, 2008 -- 219 Pounds

I'm posting a little late this morning because I needed an extra 15 minutes of bed time after the alarm went off. I guess that after a great weekend, I wasn't too excited about getting up for another work week.

This was probably the best weekend that I've had in 2008 and I'm glad that the morning weight reflected my efforts. I know I could go right back up to 224 with a few days of poor eating but I don't plan to test that theory. I plan on doing well this week even though it has some unavoidable pitfalls when it comes to dieting.

Wednesday I'm going to a social gathering at a friend's house. It will be from 5 to 7:30 and there will be lots of snacks and beer and wine. It's the kind of thing where I could leave with no damage done or with a major disaster to the diet effort. After that, we have all the events of Robert and Liz's wedding this weekend, which also includes the part about eating out Friday through Sunday. That's one of those situation where I need to show restraint, but I certainly plan to eat what is served at the rehearsal supper, the wedding, etc.

The bottom line is that I'll be glad to see 219 next Monday. That's possible and it will be more possible if I really do well in my efforts today through Thursday.

Food today: yogurt(100)--non-fat chips/rice cake like things(60)--yogurt(100)--the rice cake things(60)--Whopper Jr.(410)--rice cake things(60)--yogurt(100)--canned fruit(320)--popcorn(250)--canned fruit(320)--lasagna(300)--light beer(100) = 2,180 subtotal.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

May 11, 2008 -- 221.5 Pounds

Yesterday was one of those days where I hung around the house all day and I was in front of the computer for many hours. I didn't use that as an excuse to overeat. I'm 100% aware that I could have stayed under 2,000 calories per day during those weeks and months where I was struggling to get the Millsaps photos done. It would have taken some will power on my part, something that I usually replaced with an emotion more like feeling sorry for myself and thereby justifying a reward of more food.

That's all water under the bridge at the moment, but something I'll have to keep in mind when I start on the photos again. For now, I need to have another good day. Once I post this I'll be heading to the Laundromat to wash about 7 loads of clothes. I've eaten my yogurt already while typing so they'll be no excuse to get junk food at the convenience store when I stop for a Sunday paper.

Food today: yogurt(100)--canned fruit(320)--8 oz. Coke(100)--lasagna(300)--orange(150)--popcorn(250)--Sugar Babies(190)--beans and rice(310)--canned fruit(320) = 2,040 subtotal.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 10, 2008 -- 222.5 Pounds

I don't feel like doing all the structured stuff today. Yesterday was a good day as I got back to most of the basic things that have worked so well. I didn't have any big items all at once that made staying under 2,000 calories just about impossible. I keep up with my food as I went along instead of "letting things slip". It's really isn't very hard to do the small things that will lead to weight loss.

When I was writing yesterday I thought about doing a comparision of the first 100 days of my original diet with the next 100 days of this diet. It would give me a solid reminder of what was successful and it would give me something to shoot for every day in the way of a calorie total. This morning, I'm not so sure about that plan. I've known for the last 18 months what to do in order to lose weight and to maintain that weight loss. It's not a question of needing a guideline or something to shoot for, it's a question of me doing what I need to do. Yesterday was a good start, now I need to follow it up over the weekend.

Food today: 2 bananas(240)--beans and rice(310)--canned fruit(320)--apple(150)--2 ham and cheese sandwiches(650)--2 light beers(200) = 1,870 calories

Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9, 2008 -- 224.5 Pounds

The easiest way to fail is to give up. The second easiest way to fail is to take shortcuts and detours from the path that you know is the road to success. I've travelled that road to success to the very end when it comes to dieting and then I let myself drift back to the beginning. Now as I try to retrace that original route I find that myself stopping at all of the roadside attractions instead of moving towards my destination. With that destination always remaining so far in the distance, it is tempting to just quit trying.

I need to get back to my successful roots and I will be successful if I can retrace what was once successful. I realize the concept and now I need to work out the details. In the meantime, this needs to be a sub-2,000 day. The one thing I know for sure is that no further damage is done on the days where I stay below 2,000 calories.

Food today: banana(120)--yogurt(100)--Whopper Jr(410)--canned fruit(320)--yogurt(100)--apple(110)--lasagna(290)--lasagna(300)--light beer(100) = 1,850 calories

Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 8, 2008 -- 223 Pounds

Weight: 223 pounds

Food today: 2 sausage biscuits and no, I don't have a good excuse--

Activity: walked 60 minutes

Thought: As usual, Wednesday night was more calories than it should be and then when I got home I stayed up till 1 AM creating a video/slideshow from the Crawdad Hole Music photos. The sausage biscuits this morning weren't an impulse thing. I was really hungry and I knew that 1 biscuit would be plenty but I wanted 2. I just didn't feel like being good when I got to the order area at Burger King. It's good that I'm getting into the walking with some consistency; now I have to work on cutting down the caloric intake.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7, 2008 -- 222 Pounds

Weight today: 222 Pounds (when I went to bed for the first time last night, I had a pretty good chance of matching yesterday's weight. Then I got up in the middle of the night and started sipping on a 2-liter bottle of Diet Pepsi. It's 5 a.m. and I'm really tired but I'm going out walking. I may end up taking the afternoon off to nap.)

Food today: banana(150)--canned fruit(320)--last of Sugar Babies(75)--Wendy's(680)--apple(150)--popcorn(250)--

Activity today: Walked 52 minutes.

Thought: Here we are on another troublesome Wednesday. Not only do we have the excess of going out and having a few beers this evening, but it means that I can't go walking when I get home from work. I'm typing this up Tuesday evening and my plan is to get up and walk for about 30 minutes in the morning before I leave for work and then to walk at the Strawberry Patch park during lunch. I have to keep up this mindset that the number one priority each day is to get out and walk. That's going to be the key and I have no excuse for not getting this one thing done each day.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6, 2008 -- 221 Pounds

Weight today: 221 Pounds (a new color system: Green will be when I've lost weight from the previous day. Blue will be when the weight is the same (I was going to use yellow (yellow) but you can see the problem with using yellow. And of course, red will be the color I use when I gain weight from the previous day.)

Food Today: banana(150)--yogurt(100)--Sugar Babies(75)--yogurt(100)--Sugar Babies(150)--2 ham and cheese sandwiches(700)--some small snacks, I can't remember what--orange(150)--2 lean pockets(520) = I'm going to guess around 2,200 calories.

Activity Today: Walked 60 minutes. It's not so bad once you get out the door and start moving.

Thought: Yesterday was the kind of day that I need to have each and every day. In the past I've looked at exercise as the thing that I do if I can find the time. I need to start looking at exercise as the thing that I do first, and then I see what else I can do with my remaining time. At the moment, walking needs to be my choice of exercise. I would prefer jogging or even a brisk few games of racquetball and it's possible that those will be my future choices. The reality is that my body can't handle that much stress as a daily routine. I need to walk, maybe even walk in multiple segments, becaused that's the safest route to allowing myself to exercise every day of the week.

Monday, May 5, 2008

May 5, 2008--223 Pounds

Weight today: 223 pounds

Food today: Sugar Babies(150, bad start)--Wendy's(680)--Sugar Babies(150)--yogurt(100)--sandwich(350)--banana(150?)--yogurt(100) = 1,680 calories

Activity today: walked 50 minutes in the afternoon

Thought: There are times when I wonder why I'm even bothering to keep this blog. It seems to be mostly a documentation of my lack of effort. While that is true, I would hate to think of what my weight situation would be like if I didn't keep the blog. I believe it is helping to some degree, and I believe that at some point I will get my act together again and will successfully lose most of this excess weight.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 3, 2008--222.5 Pounds

Weight today: 222.5 Pounds

Food today: yogurt(100)--

Activity today:

Thought: Song lyric from the Gin Blossoms song "Hey Jealousy": If you don't expect too much from me, you might not be let down". That's been my problem lately, not expecting enough from myself so I'm okay when there are no results. I need to demand more from myself.

Even with the Millsaps project over for another year, I will spend quite a bit of time this weekend working on other photos. That's okay as long as I take the time to be active and I don't use the photos as an excuse to sit and overeat. The weekends need to become the time when I do the most in my efforts to lose weight, not a time where I give back gains from the work week.

Friday, May 2, 2008

May 2, 2008--224.5 Pounds

Weight today: 224.5 pounds

Food today: yogurt(100)--water--diet coke--oatmeal(160)--canned fruit(320)--small box Sugar Babies(75)--burger and fries(800?)--small box Sugar Babies(75)--fruit drink and cookies at Blood Center(550)--2 ham and cheese sandwiches(600)--popcorn(250) = 2,930 calories.

Activity today: Walked 4 miles--gave a pint of blood which isn't exactly an activity but it ended up with me eating some extra calories.

Thought: Half ass will not reduce my ass by half. I need to start making a full effort.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yesterday's failure

The good news is that I have to be brief because I'm going walking with Boty at 5 this morning. The bad news is that I failed in my efforts to stay out of the nut bowl at the bar yesterday. I have mixed feelings about the mixed nuts. The Wednesday night get together is really the only social time that I can count on during a week and I don't want to go and feel like I'm having to make a sacrifice on the enjoyment. On the other hand, if this were two years ago when I successfully lost a lot of weight, I would have no trouble keeping myself to two beers instead of three and not having any snacks. Two years ago I would have gone and had fun with my friends and only had about 200 calories--I'm having trouble getting back to that motivation level.

As I was typing the above message, I felt my cell phone vibrate and it turns out that Boty called earlier to cancel the walking today and he hoped that we could do it tomorrow. I missed his call because my phone was on silence, something that is the requirement for all of us workers at the new office and I usually forget to take it off silence after I leave work. In much the same scenario as above, two years ago I would probably go walking on my own today and meet with Boty tomorrow. Instead, I'm going back to bed for 60-75 minutes. While it's true that I didn't get much sleep last night and my back is bothering me this morning, I think the biggest problem is that I haven't gotten totally into the diet mode.

The bottom line: Half a commitment isn't a commitment. I might keep my weight from balloon with my current level of commitment but I have to do much better with my consistence if I want to get that weight down by 40 pounds.