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Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 10, 2008 -- 222.5 Pounds

I don't feel like doing all the structured stuff today. Yesterday was a good day as I got back to most of the basic things that have worked so well. I didn't have any big items all at once that made staying under 2,000 calories just about impossible. I keep up with my food as I went along instead of "letting things slip". It's really isn't very hard to do the small things that will lead to weight loss.

When I was writing yesterday I thought about doing a comparision of the first 100 days of my original diet with the next 100 days of this diet. It would give me a solid reminder of what was successful and it would give me something to shoot for every day in the way of a calorie total. This morning, I'm not so sure about that plan. I've known for the last 18 months what to do in order to lose weight and to maintain that weight loss. It's not a question of needing a guideline or something to shoot for, it's a question of me doing what I need to do. Yesterday was a good start, now I need to follow it up over the weekend.

Food today: 2 bananas(240)--beans and rice(310)--canned fruit(320)--apple(150)--2 ham and cheese sandwiches(650)--2 light beers(200) = 1,870 calories

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