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Friday, May 23, 2008

May 23, 2008 -- 221 Pounds

It's nice that I was right about the weekend weight coming off quickly. Other than putting me a week behind on getting to a healthy weight, it looks like the wedding weekend has become a "no harm, no foul" event when it comes to my diet.

There's another wedding this weekend to attend. That's all I'll be doing, attending the wedding, so the goal will be to show restraint for a short period at the reception. I can do that and since it is one of these weddings that will bring out a lot of Galloway Methodist folks that I know, I can spend my time taking lots of photographs instead of going through the food line. That will be a nice thing to do and give to the wedding families.

I do need to make this weekend a positive one when it comes to dieting. There have been too many weeks where the work week went fine and then it all unravelled over the weekend. It's somewhat like the tapestry that the wife of Ulysses worked on during the day and then she would unweave her work at night so she could put off the task of choosing another husband to be king. The weekends should be my best dieting days since there is no excuse for failing to exercise each day. I need to get the exercise into my weekly routine.

Food today (by the way, my food yesterday was 2,010 calories--I was working on wedding photos and it was late so I just didn't go back and post it all):

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